Campsite regulations

The campsite has an internal regulation that anyone who registers at the campsite and/or accesses has the obligation to comply with.

Any particular provision of the Camping that is publicly exposed is part of this regulation.

  • CAMPING ACCESS: Access to the camping ground and the use of its services is reserved for those who have contracted their stay there. The Camping Management reserves the right of admission and will cancel the contract for clients who disturb the peace, do not comply with the rules elementary standards of social coexistence and education and, in general, do not respect the principles of civilized life as established by this Official Regulation and the Internal Camping Regime of the FCC
  • RECEPTION: We are at your disposal to attend you personally and to inform you about the services that the campsite and the area offer, as well as: reservations, tourist information, fax service, ticket sales, excursions, postcards, stamps and WIFI connections or rental of safes , bicycles and refrigerators. Please do not hesitate to ask for our help for any other information.
  • REGISTRATION: Clients must formalize the registration contract at the Reception at the time of arrival, indicating exactly the number of people, vehicles and any other item subject to a fee. The contract will be signed by the client, who will thus accept its clauses. Any modification of what has been declared must be communicated to the Reception immediately. The holder of the registration form must be of legal age and will be responsible for all acts and damages that he and/or his companions may cause. The stay will be paid in full at the time of registration.
  • PLOTS: Arrival time is from 12:00 to 23:00. The maximum number of occupants per plot is 6 people, children included. You will only be able to occupy your plot once you have the entry contract where the plot number is specified.

The reception and surveillance staff will indicate the location to be used and will give instructions for its correct installation, such as the kitchen store will be located on the part facing the street and will have to leave space for the car.

It is totally prohibited to change the plot that has been assigned to you in your inheritance, without communicating it to Reception, as well as installing awnings, umbrellas, separation fences, tying ropes to trees at a height of less than 1.80m or any other element for which prior authorization has not been obtained.

The vehicle must remain inside the plot (as long as it allows it) or in the place assigned to it by the reception or surveillance staff. It is not allowed to park the vehicle in unoccupied plots or in the streets of the campsite.

Departure: The camping day ends at 12:00 noon. Departures after this time will mean an extra day.

  • ACCOMMODATIONS: Arrival time is from 4:00 p.m. You will only be able to occupy your accommodation once you have the entry contract where the accommodation number is specified. It is not allowed to place any type of tents outside the accommodation. All the accommodations have an inventory where the utensils that are provided are listed. If you find something missing, don't hesitate to let Reception know so it can be replaced. The accommodations do not include bed linen or towels, if not provided for in your reservation. At the time of registration, a deposit of €100 will be requested, which will be returned to you upon departure, as long as you leave the accommodation in good condition. Park your vehicle, exclusively, in the assigned space (only one vehicle per accommodation is allowed).

Departure: The accommodation must be vacated before 12:00 noon.

  • PAYMENT FOR THE STAY: Upon arrival you must pay the entire stay. We accept cash and credit/debit card. Assuming that your arrival was later than the contracted arrival date, always with prior written notice, and/or the departure was before the contracted departure date, you must pay the entire contracted stay.

In the case of flat rates, the payment conditions will be governed by your particular contract.

  • VISITS: They are always allowed when they register at Reception by handing over their ID card or passport. If the visit exceeds 2 hours, it must be paid according to the current rate. Visitors do not have the right to enter the campsite with their vehicle.
  • REST SCHEDULE (from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.): During rest hours, campers are asked to turn down the volume of radios, TVs and similar devices.
  • SILENCE HOURS (midnight to 8:00 a.m.). During these hours, and for the benefit of all, there must be absolute silence and the circulation of vehicles is not allowed. In the same way, and in order to avoid disturbing the neighbors, during these hours it is not allowed to throw trash in the containers or use the sinks or the laundry rooms. Televisions, radios and the like are allowed at an appropriate volume. However, if the Management deems it appropriate, it may prohibit its use.
  • UNOCCUPIED TENTS OR CARAVANS: The equipment left unoccupied without the permission of the Reception will be considered abandoned by its owner and removed by the Camping staff, who will be able to dispose of it freely and will be exonerated from any responsibility for subsequent loss or deterioration.
  • VEHICLE TRAFFIC:  The maximum speed allowed inside the enclosure is 10km/h. In order not to disturb the rest of the other campers, please do not use the vehicle during rest hours and its use is totally prohibited from 24:00 to 8:00, except in previously authorized emergency situations. All people who arrive or wish to leave during the quiet hours must park their vehicle outside the campsite.

The unnecessary use of motor vehicles inside the Camping is prohibited.

  • BICYCLES: Driving in a dangerous or competitive manner is totally prohibited, as well as its use between 9:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Cyclists will respect traffic signs at all times.
  • DOMESTIC ANIMALS: They are allowed on the pitches and in some accommodation provided that you register. It is necessary to keep them tied and controlled at all times (it is not allowed to leave them alone). According to the pet law, they will be properly identified and must have valid Civil Liability insurance, a health certificate and a model veterinary certificate or passport according to their species. Dogs considered dangerous according to the regulations of the Generalitat de Catalunya are not allowed.

In the event that domestic animals defecate on the campsite, the owner must pick them up and will be responsible for any damage they may cause. The bathrooms, bar, restaurant, supermarket and reception are prohibited.

  • CHILDREN'S PARK: Exclusive use for children between 3 and 10 years of age, who must be accompanied by an adult. These areas do not have surveillance. The campsite declines all responsibility to the parents/guardians, who are responsible for the safety of their child.
  • SOURCES: The campsite's fountains supply drinking water, therefore, they are for the exclusive use of water collection. For obvious hygienic reasons, it is not allowed to use the fountains for any type of personal or other hygiene, such as: washing feet, footwear or animals. For the cleaning of kitchen utensils and clothes, they have sinks, suitable for such use. Of course, you can't empty any type of substance, like leftover food or the chemical toilet.
  • WASTEWATER: The use of the corresponding container is mandatory and these must be emptied only and exclusively in the chemical toilets located in the sanitary block.
  • ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: The electric cables must have an earth connection and must be properly insulated. External connections are not authorized. Each plot has a single electricity connection. It is recommended, for safety reasons, to disconnect the electricity when not staying overnight. The doors of the supply boxes must always be closed.
  • CAR WASHER: The campsite has a specific place for washing cars. Cleaning them anywhere else is prohibited.
  • POSTERS: It is totally forbidden to attach posters to the furniture or trees of the campsite.
  • BARBECUES: It is forbidden to light any type of fire on the land, with the exception of butane gas stoves or portable barbecues with charcoal, always away from caravans, shops, trees and vegetation (recommended in the area of the plot that touches the street) and adopting the maximum security measures and when the atmospheric conditions allow it. This rule is subject to variations depending on the forest preventive measures of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • GARDENS: They respect plants, trees and gardens.
  • LAUNDRY: The campsite has self-service washing machines and dryers. The Camping Management is not responsible for possible damage, fading or other damage that may occur to the clothes. If you require an ironing service, please contact Reception.
  • GARBAGE: The campsite has selective garbage collection. Please help us to respect the environment by using the appropriate containers to throw away the trash, and never in the plots or in the common areas.
  • SECURITY: The Management is not responsible for theft, loss or damage incurred during your stay at the campsite. Therefore, we recommend not leaving valuables in plain sight and closing the doors and windows when leaving your accommodation. For greater security, you can use the safe deposit box rental service at Reception. It is also not responsible for damage caused by storms, fire, in case of force majeure. Each camper must have third-party liability insurance.
  • COMPLAINTS AND SUGGESTIONS: Every client has the obligation to keep, take care of and maintain all the facilities and accessories in perfect condition. Any damage, damage or destruction caused must be fully reimbursed to the Camping.

In order to improve the facilities and services, please inform us of the anomalies you observe and go to Reception to make any type of suggestion or complaint. Our desire is to improve the facilities and services day by day.

We appreciate your collaboration and wish you a pleasant stay in Camping Clarà.