Authentic Mediterranean

Camping Clarà is an establishment committed to the environment, we feel the need for our spectacular environment to remain so. we respect the natural, social and environmental environment through a series of measures based on sustainability criteria in our day to day, trying to conserve natural, landscape and cultural resources of the area:

  • Abundant vegetation, mostly indigenous and with low water needs
  • Electricity saving measures
  • Integrated water saving system
  • Gas saving measures (use of solar energy to heat domestic hot water)
  • We have a selective waste collection area, where plastics and cans, paper and cardboard, glass, organic matter and waste are separated into separate containers
  • Collection of used batteries
  • Collection of used light bulbs
  • Collection of single-use butane containers
  • Collection of used cooking oil
  • Management of other types of materials, such as wood, iron, fluorescent lights, tires, tarpaulins, etc., which are taken to the authorized municipal waste.